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Five Important Psychological Shifts: You are in charge

Top travel agents develop a particular mind set that gives them an edge in their dealings with their clients. That mind set informs every aspect of their professional relationships with not only clients, but also with suppliers – the tour operators, hotels and receptives that they use. The mind set cannot be boiled down to a simplistic notion of positive thinking. Instead, it is more accurate to say that theses agents have a sense of “ownership” when it comes to their practice.

Top travel agents take full ownership of their projects and professional relationships. They view themselves as a peer with their suppliers and clients. While their practice might be client-centric, these agents are the orchestra leaders, setting the details in place and taking charge of every aspect of each travel planning effort. These agents use their expertise and knowledge to train their clients, to set expectations up-front and to establish the pacing of their day. Top agents are nothing if not “in charge.”

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Step back from your day to day activity and reflect on the entire process of your typical travel planning efforts. Identify those steps or areas where you feel out of control of the situation. Where in your practice do you feel less than full ownership? What can you do to establish more complete management of the situation?

Act now to fully establish yourself as an owner, develop the mind set of an owner and put yourself in charge of every step of the sales process. You will be a stronger travel consultant for the effort.

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