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You have more resources than you may realize

While reading this past week’s Travel Agent Diary, I got to thinking about a saying I had heard a while ago.

“While we can all become frustrated and discouraged, we must remain, in the end, a people prodigiously resourceful – resilient – and creative.”

Don’t ask me where I saw this quote but it caught my attention when I saw it.

I think it is safe to say that at times, many of us allow ourselves to be —- frustrated. Confused. Doubtful. Queasy. Anxious. Scared. Hesitant. Sad. Resentful. Soured. I’m betting you can come up with a dozen or two more terms that might fit your negative mood now and then.

In the end, don’t fret. Your true stripes will win out. Because, as the quote infers, among other things, you are resourceful. Taken literally, that means you are full of resources. You have the tools, the contacts, the ideas and the wherewithal to succeed. All you have to do is recognize this trait within, and select a time to “let ‘er fly”.

You are also resilient. This means that you have the power and the capability to bounce back. You are human, and at times will stumble and fall. You will experience your share of failure. But you will also learn from each and every mistake and return to the game with a noticeable bounce in your step.

And you are creative…even a little “off the wall” maybe. You know what it means to “think out of the box.” You realize and appreciate that having fun trying new things is…well, fun and refreshing.

This is a good week to be resourceful, resilient and creative. And while you’re at it, make others extremely happy that they know you.

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