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The Guanacaste Region of Costa Rica by Costa Rica Dream Adventures

A mere 3-hour flight from Miami, Costa Rica is Central America’s coveted jewel. Costa Rica appeals to travelers of all sorts; the country’s natural attractions, wildlife and reputation for enlightened conservation draw visitors from all over the world. The government has made immense efforts to preserve the country’s reputation as an eco-tourism haven. As a result of this watchfulness, Costa Rica shelters a whopping 5% of the existing biodiversity in the entire world. 

beach 1Costa Rica is a nature-lovers paradise. Costa Rica boasts warm and sincere local people, an exceptional variety of hotels along the Guanacaste Pacific coast, and some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. It is the perfect blend of scenery and adventure to create a unique and memorable destination for couples, singles, and families alike. Costa Rica offers nearly every adventuresome activity a traveler could ask for; bird-watching, zip-line canopy tours, world-class diving, extreme water sports, hiking through the rainforests to active volcanoes, horseback riding, bungee jumping, mountain biking – just to name a few. These activities offer once-in-a-lifetime, extraordinary experiences that will stay with you forever.

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One of the most remarkable areas of Costa Rica is the Guanacaste region located along the Northwest Pacific Coast. It is a prime central location from which to explore Costa Rica’s sprawling lushness. The natural setting is captivating and unassuming and the locals are eager to share the bounty of the province with their visitors. The beaches are a unique entity as well, made up of crushed pink shells and salt and pepper volcanic sand; they are as varied and magnificent as the nearby eco-adventures. Visit the popular resort town of Tamarindo, with its rolling surf and sugar-white beaches for browsing and souvenir shopping. From panoramic savannahs  to hissing active volcanoes to remarkable beaches, visitors of all ages will experience a vacation like no other in the renowned Guanacaste region.

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Beach 3In Costa Rica, the seasons revolve around a dry season, December through April, and a wet season, May through November. Costa Rica promotes their “wet season” as the “Green Season.” This is certainly not just clever marketing. The Green Seasonis when the beauty of Costa Rican bio-diversity comes alive. The warm, wet climate brings the plant life into full bloom, and the country’s verdant flora explodes with vibrancy. With the incredible climate comes incredible wild life. As a bridge between North and South America, Costa Rica’s biodiversity is astonishing. Monkeys, sloths, tapirs and wildcats along with an unrivaled collection of bird species numbering more than 800, make their home in the rainforest. With national parks making up 25% of the country’s territory, there is great opportunity to stray from the beaten path to see the vast variety of plant and animal life year round.

beach 5Costa Rica is a destination to be rivaled with. The stunning natural beauty, lively culture and array of activities are just a few of many reasons it is one of the most remarkable places on the planet. No matter what your vacation preference is, you’ll find it in the Guanacaste Region of Costa Rica!




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