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Discover Mexico by Trans Am Travel

It’s no surprise travelers from around the world flock to Mexico each year for vacation. With two large coasts boasting some of the most magnificent beaches in the world, Mexico is an ideal location for families, honeymooners and solo travelers alike to experience a relaxing and exciting vacation on the beach, or to get a glimpse at some of the unique, rich culture and history Mexico has to offer.

Cities of Mexico: 

cancuntikihutCancun has become a second home for North American travelers looking for great beaches, lots of sun and exciting nightlife. Mayan ruins sit next door to world-class accommodations and tourism facilities, with water sports and natural attractions close at hand. Only a couple of hours from many United States cities, Cancun is one of the most accessible international destinations available.

Water is a key theme for any visit to Cozumel. From scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, kite-surfing and deep-sea fishing, you will find it all. Cozumel is home to a number of indigenous species of birds, mammals and marine life. If diving and the beach are not your thing, you can explore the Mayan ruins, trek through the jungle paths and even take a dip in the cenotes—the island’s underground rivers and pools. And surprisingly enough, you can even ride a camel on the beach in Cozumel!


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Second only to the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s second longest reef system can be found off the coast, running the majority of the Mayan Riviera oceanic border.  Such unforgettable beaches as the Playa del Carmen, Xpu-Ha, Tulum and others exist within gaps in the reef, creating tidal ecosystems that are home to a variety of species.  For those who enjoy diving and snorkeling, the reefs provide a haven and, for those who enjoy water activities in general, some of the finest beaches in the world can be discovered within the Riviera Maya.  The ancient Mayan cities of Uxmal and Chichen Itza remain as some of the best examples of this very mysterious culture, the vestages of which exist to this day in the native populations.

Chiapas is home to the ancient Mayan ruins of Palenque, Yaxchilán, Bonampak, Chinkultic, and Toniná.

Guadalajara’s historic downtown features a number of beautiful squares and parks including: Parque Morelos, Plaza de Armas, Plaza de la Liberacion, Plaza de los Mariachis, Plaza Fundadores, Plaza Guadalajara, Plaza Tapatia, and Rotonda de los Jalicienses Ilustres.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (Puerto Vallarata)

In Oaxaca, there is a large population of Zapotec and Mixtec Indians in the central highlands surrounding Oaxaca City. It’s a land of mountains and valleys checkered with cornfields, at its prettiest during the rainy season (Jun-Oct), when the corn is green. The villages here are famous for their crafts and attract visitors from all over the world.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most visually beautiful cities in Mexico. If you are a fan of being outdoors, this is the city for you. You can cool off in a waterfall, scuba dive with manta rays off Islas Marietas or enjoy a sunset stroll along the Malecón promenade. If shopping is your thing, the city has a plethora of boutique shops. The nightlife is electric and some of Mexico’s finest dining can be found here as well among the cobblestone streets and adobe homes.

San Miguel de Allende is a delightful city with a distinctive bohemian atmosphere. Its well-preserved structures house many luxury boutique hotels, art galleries, patio restaurants, and fine shops. By just wandering around the city, you get to admire its unique beauty and feel its distinguishing provincial charm that makes it a true colonial gem. You can also explore your artistic skills at one of its many art and language institutes.

Guadalajara Cathedral Mexico

Guanajuato is a charming colonial city with a unique landscape. Its steep cobblestone streets and formidable architecture portray a singular beauty and a stately allure. Such attributes have made this beautiful city a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can admire the numerous historic sites located all over the city, enjoy the quaint shopping and dining venues, or simply participate in one of many cultural activities organized throughout the year.


The city of Puebla has been the stage of various key events in Mexican history. Most importantly, Puebla was the set of an unprecedented battle in 1862 where Mexican troops defeated the French Army. Such victory is celebrated today as Cinco de Mayo. The city is known for its unique colonial legacy, growing industrial centers and, for its remarkable contributions to Mexican cuisine. As home of the famous Mole, Puebla is a city that you cannot miss. The city of Puebla has been the stage of various key events in Mexican history.

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