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Down Under Answers, Your Industry Leader for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific

Founded in 1992, Seattle-based Down Under Answers is a multi-award-winning industry leader in travel to Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, arranging customized vacations for independent travelers to groups. They have been repeatedly voted Best Travel Wholesaler by Tourism Australia and Tourism New Zealand specialists.

Kirk Demeter has built a foundation of more than two decades of passion for the travel industry. He began building his lifelong career as he traveled the world for a year following his graduation from the University of Washington in 1989, not knowing that his passion for travel would fire up a spark that would lead him to build a business for the purpose of allowing others to experience the joys of traveling that he experienced from that first major trip.

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Immediately on return from his travels he joined a Seattle adventure tour outfitter (Progressive Travels) and in a short time he was promoted to Director of Marketing where he excelled at promoting tourism and adventure travel to New Zealand even before New Zealand knew they had such a market.  The early 1990’s presented an opportunity, and with Kirk’s entrepreneurial spirit, his determined personality, combined with his expertise in adventure travel and his passion for the South Pacific, he started Down Under Answers. His focused business plan, obvious expertise in travel to the South Pacific and his ability to exceed customer service grew the business beyond his expectations, allowing him to open his first office in 1992 in downtown Seattle.

Leveraging the ever changing travel industry, working through the expanding growth of the internet, airline deregulation and the economic struggles the industry faces routinely, Kirk’s business style allowed him to creatively rise to the top and DUA rapidly became a favorite wholesaler for travel agents across North America.  They knew Kirk and his team to be the experts in New Zealand and soon requested more destinations.  Australia took off in the adventure travel arena but more importantly, Kirk had found a niche in the small boutique travel wholesale arena which catered to the individual travelers who wanted a more down to earth way to travel and expanded to the more discerning traveler who wanted the luxury experience in both Australia and New Zealand. With a belief of “Who could sell their own country with more passion than Australians?” Kirk began recruiting Australians with a travel background to come work for him and help sell the country they love to Americans.

Down Under Answers is committed to bringing travelers the freshest and most irresistible vacation ideas. Their team of seasoned destination specialists choreograph vacations for all travelers and budgets. Options include unique, experiential journeys, active vacations, pre and post cruise itineraries, shore excursions, family travel, self-drives, expedition cruises, escorted tours, reunions, honeymoons, destination weddings and babymoons and groups of any size and affiliation.

Down Under Answers works closely with airline and tourism partners to bring the best deals to you. The travel industry is dynamic so they regularly send team members to each destination to ensure they keep current on existing products and can source new products; they only recommend what they’ve experienced first-hand and found worthy.

Give them as much information as you can about your dream trip, and they’ll do everything within their power to create exactly what you want. As they say, “If we can’t do it, nobody can; and we love a challenge!”

Their sister company, Africa Answers, specializes in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Seychelles, Mauritius, Egypt and Dubai.

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