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Gifted Travel Network – Not A Traditional Host Agency

Gifted Travel Network is a travel host agency specifically created to support YOU and YOUR individual brand.

Meredith Hill, Founder and President of the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs (GIFTE), teamed up with Vanessa McGovern and Jen Cochrane to launch GTN as a travel host agency unlike any other in the industry.


GIFTE’s coaching and training programs have helped hundreds of travel professionals identify their brilliance, define their niche, and implement successful business strategies so that they can make more money selling travel.  GTN is founded on the same principles as GIFTE – there is unlimited potential in the travel industry for travel professionals who understand the new market dynamic and employ cutting edge marketing principles.

What Makes GTN Different? Their “ESP” approach…

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – We see you as an entrepreneur, not a travel agent. We provide tools and resources for you to thrive as a business, rather than as a seller of specific travel products. Entrepreneurial spirit means we embrace the new marketplace. In recent years, many agencies disappeared from Main Street and the internet changed the landscape for travel professionals. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t great opportunity to make money selling travel. The loss of the visibility of the travel professional does not mean there has been a loss in value. But it does mean travel professionals need to market differently than they used to. We show you how to embrace change and to employ cutting-edge marketing techniques that will help you attract clients from day one.
  • Personal Brand – We believe you should build your business from the inside out based on your individual brilliance. Your business should represent YOU, your gifts, and how you can use them to serve your clients. We don’t have an agenda about the brand you should be or the suppliers you should align with. Instead, we encourage you to build your own brand that is a true reflection of your individual brilliance.
  • Supportive Team Environment – People tend to spend too much focus on just getting business done and not enough focus on being supported. At GTN, we’ve created an environment of collaboration. There is no competition. You are supported by the GTN team as well as by your fellow business owners within the network. You can’t underestimate the value of an unrelenting support system. The result is propelling your business forward beyond expectations.

GTN recently launched the Travel M.B.A. (Travel Marketing & Business Academy) program designed to teach those with a passion for travel to be successful entrepreneurs.  The 13-module program teaches business start-up essentials, financial planning and the impact of different business models on revenue drivers, how the travel industry works and the dynamic among the key players, a blueprint for writing and implementing an effective marketing plan, a stellar sales process, instructions for working with suppliers and booking travel, operational tips for running an efficient business, and mindset strategies to ensure your success.  The program also includes access to an experienced mentor, open coaching calls with Meredith, membership in a collaborative and supportive community, as well as hosting (and all the benefits of hosting) for one year.  It’s the only program out there that teaches everything a travel professional needs to start and run a successful travel business.

Meredith explained what makes GTN different in a 1:1 interview with Travel Research Online: “GTN is a host agency, but not a traditional host agency; we’re different because we support the entrepreneur. We have two objectives at GTN: 1) provide a place for people with a passion for selling travel to build their own businesses, and 2) execute consumer awareness campaigns that elevate the value of travel professionals in the eyes of consumers.”

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