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Greece by European Tours

When you think history, you think Greece.  The nation is full of it, with a long lineage of exuberant people and events that will continue to make history books for generations to come.  From the mind-blowing architecture to white beaches kissed by azure blue waters, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Seeing the historical sites should be a priority on your trip, namely the beautiful Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens.  Countless museums, ruins and monuments are scattered throughout the country, dating back over 6,000 years and ranging from many different ages.greece3

The food of Greece is divine, pulling strongly on the flavors that olive oil, fish, meat and other spices provide.  You are destined to find a new favorite dish while visiting, whether it is an authentic gyro or baklava, the food in Greece won’t disappoint.

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The beaches of Greece are what will truly tie your trip together. Quite possibly the nicest in Europe, if not the entire world, they neighbor volcanoes that dominate the horizon, enveloping the coasts in a picturesque setting.  And with over 8,000 miles to explore, your time will be well spent trying to take them all in.


On Mykanos, despite its intense commercialism and seething crowds in high season, Hora is still the quintessential Cycladic town and is worth a visit to the island in itself. The best way to see the town is to venture inland from the port and wander. Browse the window displays, go inside an art gallery, a store, or an old church that may be open but empty inside. Hora also has the remains of a small Venetian kastro and the island’s most famous church, Panagia Paraportiani (Our Lady of the Postern Gate), a thickly whitewashed asymmetrical edifice made up of four small chapels. Save time to visit the island’s clutch of pleasant small museums. The Archaeological Museum, near the harbor, displays finds from Delos. Nautical Museum of the Aegean has just what you’d expect, including handsome ship models.greece2

On Santorini, enjoy a quintessential Greek beach vacation. Its perpendicular coastline is pure drama. Pebbly Red BeachWhite Beach and Black Beach named for the color of the cliffs above them, lie in the southwest. The lively southeast trio of PerissaAgios Georgios and Perivolos are best for nightlife and watersports like windsurfing and jet skiing. One of the biggest volcanic eruptions in history shook Santorini 3,500 years ago and created its showpiece caldera. The best way to appreciate the views from its vertiginous cliffs is by hiking along the rim from Fira to Oia. Take a boat trip to see the volcano in all its steaming glory, stopping for a therapeutic dip in sulphur hot springs. The vineyards of Megalohori and Pyrgos produce volcanic wines such as dry white Assyrtikos and sweet, amber-hued Vinsanto.



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