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Kamini Cohly, President of Hariworld


KC headTRO: Tell us about your role at Hariworld.

KC: As President of the Company, I have oversight over all aspects of the business. However, key areas I work on are operations, technology initiatives, and business development in the mainstream markets.


TRO: What aspect of travel inspires you as a professional?

KC: When you sell travel, you connect people with each other, you help fulfill their dreams or accomplish their mission. This is what inspires me about travel.


TRO: How has your understanding of the travel industry changed since you began with Hariworld?

KC: Since I started with Hariworld in 1987, the travel industry has changed tremendously. It was the first industry to feel the impact of technology and the internet.


TRO: Tell us a little bit about Hariworld and the types of services you all offer.

KC: Hariworld has over 12,000 Travel Agent members that have access to our contracted and commissionable published fares, to international destinations. We have a highly qualified sales support staff to handle their calls as well as an online booking engine.


TRO: What are some of the business principles Hariworld relies on?

KC: Reliability, integrity and meticulous service is what give us unrivaled expertise. We believe in working collaboratively with our customers. Their success is our success.


TRO: What is Hariworld’s relationship with travel suppliers? With travel agents?

KC: Our Suppliers consist of over 90 Airline partners, OTA Hotel companies and car rentals. These partnerships have grown over the years and we continue to increase them.

Because of our low fares reliability, and Customer Support the agents are loyal and rely on us to provide the best fares and service for their clients and enable them to maximize their profits.


TRO: Is there anything exciting in the works for Hariworld?

KC: Integrating cutting edge technology to provide a transformational experience and tools to our sub-agent community.

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