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Outstanding Destinations – setting my priorities

Trying to merge the personal and professional life is an ongoing struggle. You need to make the money for financial reasons; but at the same time there are some life changing opportunities you just can’t afford to miss.

I had to miss the Love Mexico Conference in Atlanta this year because it would have conflicted with my daughter’s prom, the last one she would be attending as a high schooler. Not that it was a hard choice to make, but I would have really liked to have been at that conference in Atlanta. Then there were the FAM trips I was invited to attend (to countries I have not yet visited) and grand openings I had to miss. These last three months have been a whirlwind of activities trying to get ready for graduation. I could not, and would not, miss any of these last days of my daughter’s high school finale. She is one of my last three kids left in school; I have been there for all the others and will be there for the last three as well.

That being said, I went on the Jamaica Tourist Board/Jet Blue inaugural flight from Fort Lauderdale to Montego Bay FAM trip on May 1St. It was great, we visited some awesome resorts. There were new resorts like Sensatori with that great sense of Mexico, Rock House was amazing, you could just see yourself sitting in front of your room relaxing with great the blue ocean in front of you and not a care in the world. Grand Lido that will be closing in 2015 to totally remodel, Round Hill had the most pristine lawn overlooking the ocean (it makes a great spot for a wedding), Half Moon with it’s private pool villa made me want to stay there forever, Oasis at Sunset also had a great wedding spot whether by the beach or on the lawn you cannot go wrong. There were also old favorites that will always be at the top of many lists. We also visited Rose Hall Great House, I can’t tell you how many times I have gone on that tour and I love each and every visit. The mystery and the telling of it pulls you in every time. I love it! I cannot end this without mentioning Christopher Wright from the JTB, our host for this FAM trip. He was amazing, great job Christopher.

Here is to more visits to Jamaica! One Love!

Jenna Kameka, with Outstanding Destinations, is a Certified Sandals Specialist, GI Wedding Consultant, and a Specialist for  Jamaica, Mexico, Cayman Islands, and Puerto Rico. She is also an Anchorage Wild Expert and specializes in destination weddings & honeymoons.



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