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Work on your done-dids

What you don’t want, is to look back at your life and utter the useless phrase, “If only I had…”

What you “should have” done, and what you “could have” accomplished while arriving on today’s page on the calendar is a waste of time. Whatever opportunity you clearly see over your shoulder is “yesterday’s news”.

Yesterday is a memory, while tomorrow is merely a dream. Today is your reality. What can you do today to make a difference?

Make today count, so tomorrow when you look back, you can be proud of what you accomplished.

A not-so-recent TV commercial shows a grandfather surrounded by three young children. He is holding a toy Harley Davidson motorcycle and telling his grandchildren about the days he was thinking about riding into the sunset on two wheels. One of the kids asked him if he owned a Harley. With remorse in his voice, the grandfather sheepishly replied that he had invested in aluminum-siding instead.

The kids immediately retreated to seek out more memorable experiences from Grandma. The old man looked disheartened.

I have nothing against aluminum siding but the lesson is clear.

Eliminate the should-haves, would-haves, could-haves, and focus on the “done-dids.”

This week, make up your mind to make decisions that will add life to your resume, put a bounce in your step and make your grandchildren think you are really cool and fun to have around. Go ahead. Stick your neck out a bit and live life a little larger than usual.

Mike Marchev , MBA, CTC, is an internationally recognized motivational speaker and author of the book Become the Exception.  Contact Mike at .

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