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Doing the unexpected for no reason at all

Yesterday was Father’s Day and my kids did something really nice for me—without prompting. They cooked a great breakfast, hung out, and then we all went to a minor league baseball game. Now my kids are a combination of starving high-schoolers or starving college kids, so the money was tight, but minor league baseball is affordable for virtually everyone. In the end, I really did not want (or need) anything for Father’s Day, but I got it. And it was good.  Why not do that for some of your best clients? 

baysoxticket6In order to succeed in business, you have to spend marketing dollars. We traditionally think of newspaper ads, online ads, newsletters, etc. Sure when a client books an over-the-top vacation, we often will give them a gift. But, all of that is expected. Don’t believe me? Just read Cruise Critic for a bit!

But the most memorable things are the unexpected ones like the baseball game yesterday. It did not cost them much, but it will be remembered for a long time. I even got a “selfie” of the family out of it!

As I sat at my desk, I began to think about my clients and offering them something for no reason at all.  I have a fairly large database of fairly infrequent travelers; but there are about 50 that will travel with me once or twice a year.  The baseball ticket was $10. Could I afford to spend $1000 of my marketing dollars on my best clients?  It made sense to me.

I ran a quick report of their addresses and began to brainstorm some very inexpensive gifts I can send them “just because.”  Minor league baseball tickets…a book at Barnes and Noble that is on clearance…an electronic trinket…or an inexpensive gift card. Spread out over the year, it is a piece of cake.

Imagine your client sitting at home on a summer day and opening the mail. They have not been thinking of traveling. There is nothing booked. Maybe they cannot afford a trip this year. All of a sudden a pair of tickets to the local minor league ball club comes in the mail from you. Or maybe it is a $10 gift card to Amazon.  What is their reaction going to be?  More likely than not, they are going to contact you to say thank you—and the door may open up to talk travel!

Do the unexpected for your client. Do it for not reason. I am; and I bet I will reap the rewards.

Oh, and about that selfie…..


 I’m on the left!

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