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Turn up the frequency

When designing your marketing efforts, remember the principle of frequency: a potential client typically needs to hear your message several times before responding. Too many marketing efforts look like bursts of activity rather than well-designed campaigns. In order to gain mindshare, your marketing and advertising efforts need to have a consistent look and feel and be repeated often on a regular, continuing, and ongoing basis. Marketing must be a continual, ongoing series of effort to keep clients engaged with your brand, to keep you top-of-mind.

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Naturally, “repeated often” is different from being repetitious. Vary up aspects of your promotions to keep them fresh, but keep enough common elements to brand your efforts. You want clients to immediately recognize your logo and distinctive branding. With that said, however, use a variety of media to approach your market from differing angles: print, electronic, cross marketing with other retailers, speaking engagements and public relations efforts such as press releases.Plan your advertising as a campaign rather than as sporadic placements. A single ad has very little impact. Whatever your marketing effort, plan your marketing budget to reflect your commitment to repeated placement in your venues of choice to gain the necessary mindshare of the audience.  A well-orchestrated marketing campaign can be adjusted as needed to fine-tune the impact, provided that some portion of your plan is devoted to the measurement of results.  Remember that what cannot be measured cannot be managed.

Devote your resources wisely by budgeting for constancy: frequent enough exposure to be seen and remembered.

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