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Lesson 10: another example of “believe it or not”

Since this is the last article in this series of ten, sponsored by AmaWaterways, I am going to try to contain my emotions while delivering today’s message. The message is incredibly sad, but comes with an enormous opportunity. I am betting that I now have your attention.

Stories are memorable so I will craft my words into a story.

I have a drainage problem in my backyard. I have tried just about everything that didn’t come with a price; but, now it’s time to pay the fiddler.

I called an equipment rental company and left a detailed message indicating that my wallet was out and I was ready to do business.  That was ten days ago. No call back.

But there’s more. My buddy Larry is a very successful entrepreneur who was planning to take his family to Disneyland. It is a big family and an $18,000 booking!  He asked for a referral, which I promptly gave to him. He connected … once, and never received a call back. He spent his 18 grand himself with no professional assistance.

Larry is also renovating his entire house; and again he shared with me his chagrin that nobody seems to want his money. Sure, they were quick to send a quote. Then … nothing. Not a word, email, call, or any sign of interest whatsoever. I am absolutely certain that you can do better. So, pay attention.

I am not going to insult you by explaining the folly in people’s ways. I am going to look you in the face and ask you point blank: “Do any of these stories remind you of you?”

Tell me you don’t want to make money. Tell me you don’t want to work. Tell me that you take greater pleasure in whining about the economy and the industry in general than cashing checks and making people smile. But DON’T ever tell me that there isn’t any money to be earned in this business.

I am fuming at our country’s lack of ambition. I am going to leave you with a few more words attached to my well-oiled 12-Word Marketing Plan which is all you will need to carry on without me. This is now known as My 14-Word Marketing Plan.


Get Up. Get Out. Make More People Glad They Know You, and Follow Up


That is all that time will allow. The rest of your time will be spent counting your money.

Mike Marchev will soon be bringing his sales lessons to the river and to the sea.  Drop him an email at mike@mikemarchev.com to receive all the details. You got into this business because you enjoy travel. So, let’s go travel. There is one more article next week and this completes the series of ten being sponsored by AmaWaterways. If you enjoyed my messages, please drop your AMAWaterways BDM an email.

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