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Lesson 7: maintain control if you can

If I called you on the telephone, who would take charge of that telephone call?  Think about it. I dialed your number. I called you.  Who would be in control of that call?

Many, if not most, people think I would be in the driver’s seat since it was my idea to call you. Quite clearly, that is not the case.  The person answering the telephone is in total control of that call.  The reason being is that the “receiver” is the one that controls the tone of the call. He or she can make me very pleased that I called–or not.

The receiver could also make me feel unwanted and unhappy that I called.  They could hang up on me.  They could put me on hold.  They could multitask while pretending they are interested.  They could do anything they wanted to when I called them. Just because it was my idea to call you does not translate to happiness.

Similarly, if I visited you at your home you would be in total control of the visitation. I would be on my best behavior if I came to you.  I would play by your rules.  I will take your direction.

On the other hand, if you come to my house, I would be in total control and I would be in a position to make you feel comfortable. You would naturally find yourself playing by my rules.

If you follow these two illustrations, the wise and prudent strategy is for you to get your prospects to come to you … always.  It should be clear by now that if they come to you, either personally, or on the telephone, you’re placing yourself in total control.

When you call me up, I make you feel very happy that you called me.  When you come to my house, I make you feel welcome and appreciated. I don’t even have to know you.  The way I answer the phone, the way I address you, the way I call you by your first name, the way I ask you what it is you are looking for, are all simple ways that I can make you feel very comfortable.

So, if you want to stay in control of your future, use this simple strategy every chance you can. Use it on your website, in your sales letters, and on your business cards. Always try to get people to come to you; and then, very importantly, don’t shoot yourself in the foot when it works.

There are many people who manage to get people on the phone, and then they sabotage their own efforts by answering the phone rudely, crudely and unprofessionally. In other words, they shoot themselves in the foot.

Maintain control of the communication process if you can. Get people to contact you.

Mike Marchev is a motivational business trainer who is taking his lessons to the river and the sea. Email mike at mike@mikemarchev.com to learn about his 2nd Annual Training Conference and his Danube River AMAWaterways Fam opportunity.

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