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TRO’s Where2TravelNext Program

TRO has spent the last six years working with travel agents, taking their input and coming up with tools and editorial that they find most useful to the travel agency community.  On occasion, however, it appears that we are not doing a good enough job of marketing ourselves.  At trade shows and conferences we still bump into travel consultants that know us for our Travelgram, but don’t know about our Video Library.  Or they know about the Destination Guides we offer, but have never used the Community.

In an effort to ensure that each of you are getting the best possible use of TRO, we are going to spend this week exploring the tools you have available to you here – all without any cost whatsoever. The suppliers that advertise on TRO pay for your use – so give them some love! We also want to solicit your feedback and suggestions for improvement.  Our mission at TRO is to enhance the life of the traditional travel professionals. Your input is important to us successfully fulfilling our mission.

Note that to see some of our features you must be logged into the system.  This registration process ensures that the consumer does not have easy access to our travel agent only content and also allows us to “private label” your destination guides, videos and other content.

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 The Where2TravelNext Program

The newest addition to TRO’s tool box is the Where2TravelNext (W2TN) Program.  Because of the additional approvals and permissions required by the program, W2TN requires a separate registration.  The program provides additional video, graphic and video content which may be placed on your website, blog, or used on social media platforms. Here’s an example:

The W2TN program includes many widgets for your website, articles for your personal use, and lots of social media graphics and programs to give you access to great content like this:















We have apps for Facebook and a weather widget for your website. We have hundreds of articles for your newsletters!

Take a look at all of the different social media and website content we offer and begin using it!

PS: Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook where we announce our new videos and content.

  3 thoughts on “TRO’s Where2TravelNext Program

  1. I am registering right away! This is awesome!

  2. Mike Edic says:

    Is this program still available??

    1. Mike:

      It is indeed! You can register here:



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