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Closing the Sale

This week we have studied the concept of “The Close.” For many travel agents, the simple step of asking for a decision from the client is the most difficult part of the sales process. The hesitation many agents feel is an understandable desire to not appear overly aggressive. Yet, a good travel consultant understands the value of the travel to the client of the travel experience and sincerely wants the client to accept the agent’s recommendations.

It is important not to let the time you have put into your research or with the client pull you from keeping your client in the center of the transaction. When you act as a facilitator of the transaction, when you are literally on the “same side of the table” as your client, your concern for their well being will be communicated and they will have a greater confidence in the entire sales process.

Be direct in your approach. As always, it helps to be speaking with all of the decision makers at the same time. In the case of a couple, both husband and wife will ideally be present so that the decision is not delayed.

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How to close? Simply indicate the steps necessary to book the travel and ask the client when they would be prepared to put down a deposit. Then, wait for an answer. It really is that simple. If you have properly prepared the ground work using the principles we have discussed this week, both you and the client are already at a point where decisions have been made and only the smallest of hesitations should be left to obstruct any finality.

Should the clients hesitate at this juncture, there is typically a hidden objection. If so, your job is far from done. Directly address any concern the client might be holding in reserve. If the client asks for additional time, remind the client of the dangers inherent in waiting – prices can change. If there is the opportunity to cancel without penalty, remind the client of this fact. If the booking can be placed on a hold, the agent can offer this as an option, carefully stressing the necessity of completing the transaction at the appropriate time.

Be direct, authentic, and ask the client for a decision by explaining the steps to make a firm booking. If you keep your clients’ interest at the center of the transaction, you will find yourself with more clients traveling.

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