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China Tour was founded in San Francisco in 2004 and now has 8 offices in China, Canada, the U.S and will open offices in Spain and Australia soon.

We believe a strong operation team in China, is critical in making sure the delivery of satisfactory experiences to customers. With 3 offices in Beijing, Xi’an and Suzhou, we manage to closely oversee the tour guide quality and get the best deals on hotels, cars and air tickets. We sell tour package from Luxury to Affordable standards. And we are very happy to provide customized services to student group and private tour customers. Recently, the AFAR learning program has sponsored 10 students to visit China. This is part of our efforts in cultural exchange projects. Here is an article on the project by China Daily. has been successfully providing professional and personal services to the mainstream travel market. In 2013, we have provided services to more than 25,000 U.S customers. just started working with travel agencies directly, and we are putting every effort into this because we understand the pivotal role that travel agents play in the industry. And that’s why we pay higher-than-market commission rates. Commission rates on our luxury packages can be up to 16% and on customized tours they can be up to 20%.

Every year invites nationwide travel agents to attend a familiarization trip to China. The prices for agents are the most competitive on the market and the itineraries are among the most popular ones. Feel free to check this link for more information about the FAM trips schedules.

To learn about what our customers said about us, please read our customer reviews here. For reviews on TripAdvisor, please click here.

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