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Email Marketing for Travel Agencies: Summing Up

We have explored travel agency email marketing over the past two weeks. Today, we sum up by looking at the mistakes you want to avoid at all costs. It’s a sad but true fact we often learn best by making mistakes. Hopefully, we can learn from  others and you won’t have to repeat any of these errors to engrave them on your memory.

Top Email Marketing Mistakes:

  • Not using Opt-in procedures – email marketing is all about permission based marketing. Focus on getting the proper permission from your list members.
  • Purchasing lists – rented or purchased lists will corrupt your reputation with the major ISPs. Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail and others will shut down your access very quickly when the recipients on your “purchased” list begin punching up their SPAM complaints.
  • Not Proofreading – We have all made this embarrassing mistake before, but it’s a killer in email marketing. You may miss a typo, but your email recipients will not and your credibility will go out the window. You are the expert. Don’t let a civilian remind you how to spell Prague.
  • Not Testing – Test your email in a variety of email readers and accounts so you can see your broadcast as your viewers will see it. Make sure all of the key elements are in place: subject line, proper formatting, unsubscribe link and your branding.
  • Poor Formatting – use lots of white space, keep it clear and simple. Don’t frighten your list with confusing graphics, bad color choices and mixed fonts. If you don’t have a really good graphic sensibility, find someone who does!
  • Sending from a personal email address – use an email “From” address carrying your company’s branding! You are presenting yourself as a professional, not as “”. Everything about each effort must look professional. The same goes for your FROM name. Use your branding to firmly imprint it on your list.
  • List Hygiene – keep your list clean! Remove bounces, SPAM complaints and unsubscribes promptly. Failing to do so can result in your access to major ISPs being shut down or your email service provider shutting down your account!

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We began this series by indicating the terrific ROI email marketing enjoys. Strive to perfect your email broadcast technique and you will find your newsletters and promotions working hard on your behalf.

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