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Mixing Email Marketing and Social Media

One of the great things about digital marketing is the ease with which you can translate, for example, an email broadcast into a social media post. Doing so provides a potentially wider distribution of your efforts as social media fans who are not email subscribers see your posts and share with friends. Remember, too, not every subscriber to your travel agency’s email list will see any given broadcast. Posting on social media will help ensure a greater number of your clients and potential clients are exposed to your marketing efforts.

Many email service providers like Constant Contact and MailChimp provide automated ways to post your email broadcasts to social media. Using automated posting programs can save a great deal of effort, but make sure you are able to personalize the posts. Social media requires a slightly different “voice” and inflection than a straight-forward email broadcast, so take the time to think through your post and do so manually if you cannot otherwise personalize the post.

Most travel agency email broadcasts will include a “web version” of the creative. This version is typically linked with language such as “If you can not view the message below, click here.” The web version allows subscribers who do not view images in their email reader to do so in their browser instead. If you use this link in your social media posts, your email metrics will reflect views from wherever you posted the link. Some email service providers have the ability to segregate the viewer metrics, however, to distinguish between a view from email or a view from a social media post. You can also typically add email signup forms to your Facebook page using tools from your email service provider.

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Remember – social media is more than Twitter and Facebook. As your review your choice of email service provider, determine whether the social media formats you most typically use are supported. Many email service providers also support Flickr, Yelp, Etsy, Google+  and others!

One of the keys to successful marketing is the clever re-purposing of your creative efforts. Integrating your social media platforms into your email marketing program is a smart way to get additional mileage from your creative investments.

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