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The Importance of Picking Your Clients Wisely

This week, we are going to look at a few simple steps to improve the sales process. To begin, it makes sense to pause and ask an important question: what kind of clients do you want? To some, the question might seem a bit strange. After all, many of us are pretty happy to take clients as we find them. Yet, if it’s true that relationship is really at the heart of every sale, then it behooves us to choose our relationships carefully since we will be spending a lot of time with our clients.

Most would agree that the best travel planning experiences happen with the best clients. It is true and no coincidence. Good clients have a sense of humor, a sense of adventure and a passion for travel. They understand what you bring to the table and they know that price is only one component of the entire equation that goes to make up value. The converse is also true – aggravating clients inevitably experience less than satisfactory travel. You cannot make them happy; in fact, bottom line, it is even hard to trust them. I’m told life is too short to be spending a lot of time with people like these.

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You do well to choose your clients. Actively seek out the type of clients you really want. “Everyone” will not, should not, meet the criteria for your client demographic. Fire the bad ones and train the good ones. You and your clients will be happier.

  2 thoughts on “The Importance of Picking Your Clients Wisely

  1. Joanne Hunt says:

    Oh, your timing is impeccable! I know this fact to be true (have for a long time) but broke the rule and continued working with a difficult client who would not follow my advice and kept paring the arrangements down to almost nothing. Well, guess what…they had a lousy time and even though I did just bits of the booking are now back and whining to me. I hereby swear to not make this mistake again..EVER.

  2. Joanne:

    Good for you and many thanks for your comment.



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