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Things to Say On a Regular Basis

Travel planning tends to be a very independent enterprise.  You work one-on-one with your clients, often in complete isolation from co-workers.  Independence is a great thing, but carries risks.  We too often lack a sounding board to bounce ideas off and to confirm our instincts.  This week, we are going to explore a series of statements you should frequently hear yourself say to ensure you are receiving the appropriate input from your business associates, your clients and your family. Each of these groups are stakeholders in the success of your travel practice. Giving them a voice can be a great gift to both them and to yourself.

“What do you think?”

Here’s a phrase you should use often around the work place – especially if you are “the boss.” Seeking the input of others maintains perspective and allows your decisions to be shaped from a variety of resources. Creativity springs not from a single source but from a transformative alchemy mixing dissent, collaborations and flexibility. Don’t be afraid to seek out people you know will challenge you.  You won’t like or agree with everything you hear. However, your success as a business person depends on your ability to fairly assimilate the criticisms and challenges of others.

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“Show me.”

When we ask for the opinion of others, we often hear ideas from outside own own expertise. If we allow others to demonstrate their ideas and range, two amazing things happen.  First, we provide an opportunity for the other to shine, to contribute in a really meaningful way.  Secondly, we learn best as adults when we actually see a demonstration rather than merely hearing an explanation.

Our relationships demand constant feeding.  This week we will continue to look at ways to stimulate our thinking processes by opening ourselves up to the observations of others.

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