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Curaçao: Live and Let Live with Avila Hotel

Situated in the southern Caribbean sea and off the Venezuelan coast, lies the island of Curaçao. Although tiny in size, Curaçao is a Caribbean island like no other. Its vibrant culture and alluring history, offers travelers a captivating escape that is real and different. Curaçao’s ruggedly beautiful landscape provides an endless bounty of fun diversions. Guests can conquer the island’s open spaces and enjoy exhilarating hiking, biking, and ATV tours; experience the colorful underwater worlds at one of Curaçao’s 60 diving locations; relax on beaches both intimate and secluded and explore the island’s crown jewel capital city, Willemstad a UNESCO World Heritage Site and bustling port. This Caribbean gem is a treasure trove full of surprises that will leave a memorable imprint on the hearts of travelers.

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Originally inhabited by the Arawak people, Curacao has been under the control of the Spanish, British and Dutch kingdoms. Shortly after the arrival of the Dutch West India Company, the natural harbor of Willemstad in 1634, was established as the capital. Proving to be an ideal spot for trade, Curacao soon became an economic center for the Dutch. Through its history, Curacao has remained a territory of the Netherlands Antilles, only recently (2010) becoming its own state within the kingdom. This strong Dutch influence is seen in the cities’ architecture, comparable to Amsterdam.Curacao

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  • Willemstad is a Euro-inspired city and one of the most fascinating cities in the Caribbean. Curacao’s capital, Willemstad, is a lively port and one of six UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the region. Surrounded by historic buildings and forts, visitors can take the day to explore Willemstad and one its many museums such as Museum Kura Hulanda, and the Anthropological Museum, chronicling the African Slave trade as well as the cultures of Curacao.
  • Sightseers looking for something to marvel at should visit the Queen Emma Bridge, “The Swinging Old Lady,” a floating pontoon bridge that links the Punda (Point Side) and the Otroband (Other Side) of Willemstad across the Sint Anna Bay Channel, or the Queen Juliana Bridge, standing at 185 feet, it is the highest bridge in the Caribbean and one of the tallest in the world.
  • Popular attractions also include visiting the explorable Dutch forts around the island. Located in the capital, Fort Amsterdam was built in 1635 shortly after the Dutch arrived to Curacao. The structure was strategically built to serve as a military fort as well as the headquarters of the Dutch West India Company. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, is inviting of all traveler as it serves as the seat of the Curacao government.
  • The Octagon Museum is an unusual octagonal two-story building, with a shingled cupola, and painted in a bright mustard yellow. You would not expect this quaint looking house to have such historic significance. However, it is in this building that the Venezuelan “Libertador”, the famous Simón Bolívar, spent time before he set out to assemble the forces with which he eventually put an end to the Spanish colonial rule in South America. Due to its curious shape it is known in Curaçao as the “Daki Parasol” or the “umbrella roof”. Today the “Octagon” serves as a small museum in memory of the Curaçao connection to Simón Bolívar and is open 4 mornings a week. The romantic setting combined with the historical ambience makes the Octagon the perfect location for elegant wedding receptions, special meetings, small concerts and poetry readings.
  • A trip to the Caribbean is incomplete without a day on one of the 38 beaches stretching across Curacao. The frequented Southern coast, features silk-soft sand and calm turquoise waters that are great for activities such as snorkeling, scuba-diving, fishing, and sun-bathing. The Curacao coastline also features numerous bays and inlets which serve as a popular mooring location for boats.Avila's beach

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