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Far and High Adventure Travel, The Gurus On Bhutan

Far and High Adventure Travel
specializes in small group tours, private journeys, trekking and hiking trips, and solo/independent travel. Specifically, the company offers trips to Nepal, Tibet, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Bhutan, and Mongolia. Far and High Adventure Travel’s main operations are based in Kathmandu, Nepal while their sales and marketing, tour development and customer service teams are headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Far and High Adventure Travel offers more than just regular tourism, as their trips offer cultural and adventure tours. Cultural tours are typically motor vehicle-based tours that cover the history, arts and architecture, religion and culture, local festivals and events, nature and landscape of destinations. For thrill seekers, Far and High offers soft to moderate adventures such as jungle safaris, river rafting, mountain biking and mountaineering.

At Far and High, the company breathes life into traveler’s itinerary by going above and beyond to deliver the experience of a lifetime. All of Far and High’s partners, managers, guides and field staff have had roots in the highlands of Asia; they are well educated and trained, and have had years of experience in the areas they go. These teams of talented, hardworking, and zealous individuals have an unrivaled enthusiasm for travel that has helped build the company. Moreover, trips are escorted by local and friendly guides, who are university graduates, certified by the local government and have an extensive knowledge of the destination.

178889611Most group trips through Far and High are usually limited to 10 people per group; this allows travel guides to better attend the needs of travelers. Also, by traveling in small groups, voyagers have more independence and opportunities to socialize, and have access to areas and sights unknown or unavailable to large tour groups. More importantly, with Far and High, travelers have the flexibility of customizing their itineraries, as any trip featured on their website can be used as a foundation to build any trip (more than 70% of travelers elect to customize their trips!).

Bhutan2One of the more populations offered by High and Far, Bhutan, is a landlocked country bordered by China and India. The destination is repleted with pristine nature, gentle people and is the jewel of the Himalayas. Bhutan’s unique culture,which is deeply steeped inits Buddhist heritage, is by far the country’s most appealing feature. The Kingdom of Bhutan, also known as “The Land of Thunder Dragon,” has been an important centerpiece for the Buddhist religion. In fact, when Tibetan king Songtsen Gampo, a Buddhist convert, extended the Tibetan Empire into Bhutan, he ordered the construction of two Buddhist temples at Bumthand in central Bhutan and at Kyichu in the Paro Valley (Taktsang Monastery).

Bhutanese Tsechu festival dancesFar and High Adventure’s itineraries take travelers on a guided hike up to the Tiger’s Nest (Taktsang Monastery), one of the most important Buddhist sites in the world. This sacred monastery is believed to be where Guru Rinpoche arrived on a flying tigress. Visitors can also immerse themselves in Bhutanese culture by attending one of the many festivals, or Tshechus, thrown at various temples, monasteries and dzongs across the country. The Tshechu is mainly a religious event celebrating the birthday of Guru Rinpoche. Tourist who are fortunate to attend will be inspired by the masked dancers, depicting incidents from as long as the 8th-century.

Far and High invites its guests to take in the rich Bhutanese scenery. Due to its great geographical location and climate variations, Bhutan is a country with a rich and diverse ecosystem. Bhutan’s high, rugged mountains and valleys flaunt spectacular biodiversity, making the kingdom a hotspot for nature lovers. Naturalist can also enjoy guided tours through Jigme Singye WangchuckNational Park, ThrumshingLa National Park and the Royal Manas National Park.

Bhutan1Why book with Far and High Adventure Travel?

A Different Way to Travel:

  • With Far and High, you will not just travel from point A to point B, but you will immerse into the local culture, lifestyle and nature of a destination

Lifetime Deposit:

  • They understand that circumstances and preferences can change over time and you may not be able to go on the trip you have sign up for, no worries.
  • You will no lose your deposit
  • Although non-refundable, you can use it on your future travel on any destinations they go
  • Deposits can be transferred to another traveler

Speedy Response:

  • They are committed to answering your inquiries within 24 business hours
  • Their tour specialist are available 24/7 over the phone and skpe

If you are looking for a unique traveling experience to Bhutan or any parts of the Asian highlands, seek the Gurus. Book with High And Far Adventure Travel today!

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