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Good Media Placement – Repeating the Success

This week, we have been looking at ten follow up steps you can take when your travel practice achieves a great media placement.  By actively marketing the placement forward, you extend its value to your business as more people are exposed to the article or interview.

The final two steps today seek to ingrain your success in your business culture. Just as the initial opportunity was likely the result of hard work and planning, so too will be the next media exposure you achieve.

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Step Nine: More Media

Don’t be shy about letting your other media contacts know about the interview or article placement.  One of my first national media placements was a front page article in USA Today.  Once the local media in my home town saw the article, they called to do follow ups for purposes of a local spin on the story.  Days later, Money Magazine called.  Media likes a “hot” story and when one publishes an article, all take notice. Send a copy of your media placement to local media calling their attention to your availability for similar future opportunities with you.

Step Ten: Study the Success, Repeat

Like I said at the beginning of this week’s series, media placement is seldom the result of random accident.  Most likely, you have spent time cultivating media contacts and planting seeds for the opportunity.  Finally, your hard work has born fruit.  Now, make a study of the entire process and decide how you can best repeat the success.  Whatever you did right, do it again.  Whatever you could have done better, do so.  In public relations, momentum is real.  Success tends to build on success.

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