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Explore La Paz with Transam Travel

As the sun brushes over the shores of Copacabana and the blanket of cobalt waters of Lake Titicaca, you are presented with a view of the snowcapped Andes teasing the clouds above.The view engrosses all the five senses – the cool breeze gently grazing against your skin makes you reconsider whether a light sweater was a wiser choice than the tank top; the faint aroma of wheat growing in the distance instantly produces the taste of the delectable empanadas you had – as you foraged through potions, textiles, and exotic soapstone carvings at the “Marcado de Brujas,” (Witches’ Market) – the previous day; followed by the settling inner peace prompted by the vast silence wafting in the air. Welcome to La Paz, Bolivia

60-Second Geography

La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz, also known as “Nuestra Señora de La Paz: Our Lady of Peace,” is Bolivia’s third-most populous city and the country’s de-facto capital. Anchored in a tiny bowl within the crevices of the Andes Valley, La Paz is roughly 12,000 ft above sea-level and the world’s highest administrative capital. The small city is an important cultural center of Bolivia, hosting several cathedrals from the colonial period such as the San Francisco Cathedral and Metropolitan Cathedral, as well as hundreds of museums.
                454963563                       Aerial View of La Paz
  • Sucre is Bolivia’s second capital, and just a short flight away from La Paz. At 9,200 feet above sea level, Sucre enjoys the perfect Spring climate year round. Known as “la cuidad blanca,” or ‘white city,’ Sucre is the most tranquil city in all of South America. 
  • Travelers can explore the colonial city by visiting its colorful market, museums and churches. For dinosaur buffs, sightseers can stand in amazement as they behold 60-million year old tyrannosaurus rex tracks.
  • Looking to test your bargaining skills? No better place to asses your ingenuity than at the Market in the village of Tarabuco. Sunday is market day, and all the farmers and weavers from the countryside join together in this festive atmosphere to trade with locals and tourists. Once you have spent enough time haggling over handcrafts, head on over to the Hacienda Candelaria and enjoy traditional Andean family hospitality.
  • Next stop is Potosi, the highest city in the world of its size. After the discovery of silver in Cerro Rico (Rich Hill), Potosi grew into the largest and most opulent city in the Americas. Recognized as an UNESCO world heritage site, the city offers travelers unforgettable experiences. You can walk down the old cobblestone streets leading to rich colonial architecture or visit the popular maze of tunnels.
  • No trip to La Paz is complete without a visit to the Copacabana shores of Lake Titicaca. This village is the cradle of Inca civilization and home to the famous cathedral and 16th-century shrine, Basillica of Our Lady of Copacabana – The patron lady of Bolivia.
  • Adventure seekers can hydrofoil over the world’s highest navigable lake, Titicaca, to Sun Island and study the Pil Kokaina Inca ruins. Or, hike up to Umo Kollo for a visit of the Yumani Steps.
  • La Paz is a majestic destination that will encapsulate all your curiosities about Andean culture, providing you with a new sense of appreciation for traditional customs.
  • Plan your next trip to La Paz with Transam Travel Today!150850705                               Lake Titicaca
186178572 Snowcapped Andes Mountains
492545737Isla del Sol (Sun Island)

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