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Next Steps in Leveraging Good Public Relations

One of the most valuable aspects of good PR media placement is the fact a similarly placed advertisement may have cost more than your entire advertising budget! Whatever the value you place on the PR you receive from media, ensure you get the highest and best return by leveraging the article or video using the tips TRO is providing this week.  Doing so will practically guarantee many more people see the PR placement and you benefit from the additional exposure.

Yesterday we provided the first two steps you should take after receiving good PR.  Today, let’s cover two more.

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Step Three: Write a Blog Post

Behind almost all PR placements is an interesting story.  How did the media hear of you?  How did they choose you? What are the qualifications you possess making you a likely target for the inquiry? If you have a blog, write an article about the interview or PR and your reaction to it. Include links to the article and be sure to include additional information that further promotes your travel practice and your expertise.

Step Four: Include the PR in your Portfolio

Make copies of the PR article or other media in which you appear and provide copies to your staff for sales calls and other opportunities for distribution.  I still have press clippings from my earliest days in the business, going back to 1990! Especially if the media involved is national in scope, the credibility of a the publication sticks to you and your travel practice. Include copies in all of your portfolio materials and as links on your “About Us” page of your website.

Tomorrow: Using email to spread the word!


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