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The Globus family of brands

Establishing itself as a true originator of the touring vacation 1928, the Globus family of brands has spent over 85 years consistently bringing new, fresh and inventive ideas to the world of travel.Click Here!The company has relentlessly pursued the idea of creating the perfect vacation by engineering, designing, and pioneering more travel ideas than one could fathom. As a world leader in escorted travel, the Globus family of brands is a global company reaching almost every corner of the world, yet remains family-owned and steeped in the values of innovation and passion – which were of the utmost importance to Globus founder, Antonio Mantegazza. Propped on these values, the Globus family of brands has grown into a family which includes Cosmos, Monograms, and Avalon Waterways and expands from Switzerland and Italy to the French Riviera, Canada, U.S. and South Pacific. Under the Globus family of brands umbrella, these brands offer affordable, independent, and unique travel experiences unrivaled in the industry.

Recognizing a need to make travel more affordable, the Globus family of brands launched Cosmos in 1961 to introduce budget-mind travelers to the world’s most captivating places. Combining the freedom of independent travel and the benefits of group travel, Cosmos turns European and North American travel dreams into reality. And this year, Cosmos has introduced affordable trips to South America and the Arab Emirates.

In 2003, both Avalon Waterways and Monograms were introduced, adding river cruising and independent travel to a variety of destinations including Europe, Asia, and South America. Combining luxury with economically-priced voyages, Avalon Waterways has revolutionized the river cruise industry. For travelers who would rather stay grounded, Monograms offers over 110 all-in-one independent travel packages. An ideal option for the self-reliant traveler who prefers just the right amount of support, Monograms combines the hassle-free travel of an escorted tour with all the freedom of an independent vacation.

On the premise of innovation, the Globus family of brands continues to remold our perceptions of travel companies. Recently, the company launched “Client Connect,” a new referral tool that directly connects potential clients with agents. The new interactive interface features an updated Travel Agent Locator program, and is taking one-click-travel-planning to another level. By entering a few simple things such as their zip code, customers are instantly linked to professionally trained specialist. These agents are experts on trips offered by the Globus family of brands, as they have completed one of three Globus training programs – Globus Tour Expert (GTE), Monograms Booking Agent (MBA), and Avalon Waterways Specialist program (AWS) – which equip travel agents with essential tools and resources needed to answer all client inquiries, hence making them experts in the diverse traveling options the Globus family of brands offers.

Globus Tour Expert: Provides travel professionals with an in-depth scope of the Tour Market, and how to tap into it. Upon completion of this program, you will be a an expert in selling Globus and Cosmos tours- guaranteed to positively affect your bottom line profitability.

Monograms Booking AgentEarn your MBA, and become a specialist in independent travel. This program is focused on motivating and educating travel agents on the simplicity of Monograms.

Avalon Waterways Specialist: The Avalon Waterways Specialist program describes how Avalon Waterways is different from other river cruise operators, educates vacation planners in product offerings and provides tips on selling river cruises, thus becoming an expert in selling Avalon.

Why book through the Globus family of brands:

Travel Agent Portal (

Your one-stop resource center. Everything you need is at your finger tips from promotional information to travel videos and destination guides.

They come to YOU

With nearly 40 sales professionals in the field and in their Colorado headquarters, the breadth of their nationwide sales team means travel professionals have access to local support, wherever you are.

They Pay You – BIG TIME

Average Commission:

Globus: $1,100 per booking

Cosmos: $800 per booking

Monograms: $1,000 per booking

Avalon Waterways: $1,400 per booking

In short, the Globus family of brands is an industry leader which provides travelers and travel professionals alike opportunities unseen elsewhere.

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