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Advanced Public Relations for Travel Agents: Generating Luck

Most successful business people will humbly admit that luck had a great deal to do with their success. However, those same business people are just as likely to tell you that they were exceptionally prepared for luck to happen. Smart travel agents train themselves to spot opportunities and recognize that marketing is a continual exercise in awareness. It is a part of the “marketing mindset” to know when opportunity is presenting itself.

I spoke to a travel agent once who was preparing to escort a cruise group of piano enthusiasts. I asked him how he had managed to put together such an unusual group. The agent, I’ll call him “William”, said that the group resulted from a chance conversation he had with the publisher of a piano magazine. They were both at breakfast in a hotel and William struck up a conversation with a stranger. The publisher said this, William said that, and soon a cruise group was forming.

That William is one lucky guy.

William prepared himself for luck. He could have decided not to talk to the stranger, to keep to himself. He could have chosen to talk about the weather and move on. He could have opted not to mention to his new acquaintance that a cruise was a great way to promote the theme of the publisher’s magazine. But instead, William put himself in a position to be lucky.

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Learn to capitalize on unexpected opportunities. Begin by networking with others. Take an interest in what others are doing, what their hobbies and pursuits are. There are very few activities to which you cannot find a link to travel. Put yourself in a position to find new opportunity by joining clubs, networking in your community, and actively participating in your own activities and interests at a high level. Get to know the people who are involved in the activities you enjoy most. Wherever you find passionate people, you will find people who like to travel.

Marketing starts with you. The energy and enthusiasm necessary to generate publicity for your travel practice has to originate with your willingness to promote yourself. Form relationships with people and keep your radar set to high alert. Find ways to make things happen. Watch for the opportunity to assist someone else to succeed at what they do, and you will often find that your own interests are served as well. Our travel consultant  William helped his new publisher acquaintance promote a piano magazine through an affinity cruise. Be willing to engage others.

Get out there and make some of your own luck happen.

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