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Alamo Travel Group – A Hui Hou

The time has come to write my last Travel Agent diary entry. Time certainly does fly and that couldn’t be truer than in the travel industry. Back in January when I started my entries we had many projects that we were looking to roll out over the course of 2014. As one could imagine some of those projects were a hit, others did not pan out at all as we expected and a couple were pleasant surprises.

My entries followed along how those projects affected my day-to-day travel agent tasks and hopefully some of my experiences may be of help to some of you. I even had an entry that was pretty much me venting. I wasn’t sure if I should share, but I figured I am human; and as travel agents we sometimes just throw papers in the air, put our face in our hands and just let it all out.

Being able to read back my entries over the course of this past year has given me insight on how challenges affect me and how to overcome them. I found the Travel Agent Diaries very useful in that reading my co-contributors entries, I see at one point or another we all go through the same things. It helped me learn that at times I shouldn’t be so hard on myself; and also, if at first you don’t succeed then re-group, see what did and didn’t work and try with a different strategy. I read a quote this week that said “Giving up on a goal because of a setback is like slashing your other 3 tires when you get a flat.”

As travel agents our community is small, but our contribution to the industry is huge. I hope that my entries encourage you all to continue to stick together and be a beacon for others to continue to experience, love, and grow this industry. We need passionate people.

I want to thank you all very much for following along and please feel free to reach out anytime. My email is and/or on Facebook/Twitter. Never liked good byes so as my favorite Hawaiian saying goes “A Hui Hou” – until we meet again.

Mary Jo Salas is a 3-year veteran of the industry working for Alamo Travel Group. Alamo is a full service agency with government, business and leisure travel divisions based in San Antonio, Texas. Mary Jo specializes in honeymoons, family vacations, and couples’ getaways.

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