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Celestyal Cruises by Louis Cruises; An authentic Greek Experience

Today, travelers want an authentic experience when they visit a destination. They want to be enthralled by the people, culture, and cuisine they encounter. Not only do they want to be entranced by a mirage of rich history and sparkling beaches, but guests also want to be immersed. When they leave their vacation, they want to feel as if they left a piece of their soul behind, bringing back grand memories in its place instead. This concept is not alien to Louis Cruises. In fact, founded on the premise that travelers yearn for an authentic and truly unique experience, the company has launched a new cruise program this month – Celesytal Cruises, a brand of Louis Cruises. The new program will feature 64 themed cruises that present the best of the real, authentic Greek experience.

Celesyal Cruises logo with taglineIn the early 1970s, Louis Cruises began operating short cruises from Limassol, Cyprus to destinations throughout the Eastern Mediterranean. Today the cruise line has grown to include some of the Aegean’s iconic destinations such as, Mykonos, Patmos, Rhodes and Santorini; as well as undiscovered gems such as, Chios, Ios, Kos, Milos, Samos, Symi, Syros and the “Turkish Riviera” ports of Bodrum and Cesme. These destinations are not just a vacation getaway, but a reflection of the company’s commitment to an outstanding Greek experience.

Because of this commitment, Celestyal Cruises was created as a promise to deliver an authentic Greek experience to its guests. This promise is bolstered by revised bar and restaurant menus, peerless onboard entertainment and personalized services that defines Greek hospitality. Moreover, Celsytal Cruises’ new themed programs take passengers deeper into the archaeology, gastronomy, history and music of Greece. By launching Celestyal, Louis Cruises expands its portfolio thereby reflecting the divine, real Greek experience that travelers enjoy when sailing with Celestyal.

Today, Celesytal Cruises is the only home porting cruise operator in Greece and preeminent cruise line for the Greek Islands and Turkey. Two of the company’s ships, the “Thomson Spirit,” and “Thomson Majesty,” are under charter to Thomson Cruises of TUI AG. Louis Cruises’ strategic alliance with this leading tour operator has significantly strengthen its position in the international cruising market. In 2015, these ships will begin to sail to incredible new ports of call in the Ionian and Adriatic seas and long the Dalmatian coast. Along with these destinations, Celestyal Cruises offers programs that take travelers to the finest islands and coastal cities in the Aegean: from the thrilling nightlife of whitewashed Mykonos to the sugar-sand beaches and cool fountains of Cesme. Because Celestyal selects their destinations with pride, care, and each passenger in mind, the line is acclaimed for their in-depth destination experiences.

Central to the new program is education and  authenticity. Celestyal Cruises believes that by providing genuine experiences, travelers will be left with an impactful encounter. The program incorporates history, culture, cuisine, archaeology and gastronomy to present the utmost in-depth experience. The line hosts entertaining, informative lectures by eminent Greek historians to provide guests with the kind of background that makes visits to famous sites such as Acropolis at Lindos, the Cave of the Apocalypse, and the Parthenon even more meaningful and indelibly memorable. Celestyal Cruises doesn’t just take travelers to Greece, the line takes you to the home of myths, magic, poetry, and history.

In addition, guests can opt for one of the many programs that promote Greek authenticity such as, “Kali Orexi”. This program takes guests deep into the Greek cuisine, which is famed for its health benefits and simplicity. The line’s cuisine is made onboard with fresh, seasonal, local ingredients: onions and garlic, artichokes, tomatoes, eggplant, feta cheese and, of course, olives and Cretan olive oil, sweet and golden. The chefs of Celstyal Cruise have spent years in Greek kitchens, and they love Greek food, everything from Yia Yia’s (Grandmother’s) from-scratch recipes to gourmet dishes, the line’s menus include dishes from the incredible spectrum of Greek gastronomy.

Guests who are looking for something more upbeat, can indulge in authentic Greek music and dancing. Celesytal Cruises brings the magic of a night at a crowded taverna onboard – travelers simply can’t resist the call of the bouzouki, and easily find themselves on the dance floor performing the “Sirtaki” from Zobra the Greek with 100 of their closest new friends! For Those a bit shy about their “moves,” the Celestyal crew offers Greek dancing and language classes during the day.

So what are you waiting for? Celestyal Cruises invites guests to inhale the aromas of Greece and Turkey, to travel into the past, to join them onstage for traditional Greek dances….to live “Kalimera!” with them.

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