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Come prepared

My message this week is short and sweet. Come prepared.  Those two words will serve you well in almost any business situation. It was reinforced to me at a recent trade show I attended where I saw plenty of people unprepared to do business.

People exhibit at trade shows ready to do business and wanting to do business. They come to the show wanting to meet new prospects. They come to the show with very good intentions. But on more often than not, when I ask someone for their business card, they tell me they don’t have one. Not only that, but it doesn’t appear to bother them.

No wonder salespeople have earned such a poor reputation over the years. They feel that their “gift-of-gab” will get them through the day. Newsflash: it won’t.

This lack of professionalism always catches me by surprise. How can anyone invest their time and money in a trade show and not have business cards ready to hand out? This is almost as ludicrous as going to answer a telephone without a pencil and note pad–or a tablet or an app open on your computer. This is more common than you might think but incredibly insane just the same.

Coming prepared is a professional skill. Prepared in every way.

My message to you this week is simple– “preparation”.

Come to the party prepared. Come to work ready to play. Come to the phone with a pencil (you just might need it.) Come to the trade show with plenty of business cards. Greet each day knowing you are ready, prepared and ready to do business.

What the world does not need is another person who forgot his/her  cards. What the world does need is an upbeat person who cares enough to come to work prepared.

Mike Marchev shares his down-to-earth business development ideas in an entertaining and easy to listen to style with travel professionals and small business entrepreneurs. He has been doing so since 1984. He can be contacted at, or, or 848-702-1009.

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