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Meet Your Clients’ Needs with Travelades, Inc.

Travelades, Inc. has been serving the travel agent community since 1978, offering a diversified array of forms, itineraries, ticket envelopes, document envelopes, and luggage tags to meet all of your client’s needs. The many changes in a ever-changing and fast-paced travel industry led to the founding of Travelades, and since 1980, the company has been a supplier of a wide range of agency forms, such as low priced invoices, standard or half-price econo document/ ticket envelopes and a catalogue of helpful working and teaching aids .

Clear Cruise Tags

Travelades created an industry staple at half the price of the existing items on the market. The one piece clear cruise tag, selling at under .40 cents, are designed to assist in processing “print-your-own” boarding passes and luggage tags. They are available in: strong, vinyl with clear, or see-through lock-in pocket.

Kopy Kit

The KOPY KIT is the most comprehensive on-going collection of practical travel industry material ever assembled in one portfolio, unique to Travelades, Inc. This virtual library of forms and resource material has over 200 appropriate client and supplier contact messages, along with administration and promotional aids to save you time and money and enhance your professional image.

Travel Talk

Travel Talk is a pocket-sized, travel related, multi-language word and phrase dictionary with frequently used words needed for shopping, dining, reservations, motoring, emergencies, etc. It’s also available in 5 different languages!

Document Envelopes

Travelades, Inc. provides totally customizable envelopes that can be used for vouchers, documents, itineraries, or tickets.


Customizable checks are available.

Invoices and Itineraries

Invoices and itineraries are made available, with no extra charge for the following: set-up, art layout, 6 basic ink colors, colored papers, custom “filler” strips, or conditions.

Luggage Tags

Travelades, Inc. offers totally customizable tags for luggage. Various colors are available, including fluorescents.

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