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Referrals are a good way to go

As you know, I now live in Florida and my wife and I do not yet have a Rolodex of “go-to” sources.When an eye ailment hit my wife recently, we decided to go the Walgreen’s self-diagnosis route.When the problem persisted, we decided that a doctor’s office might be a better place to tear up?

If you have been hiding under a rock for the past fifteen years, you may not realize that Florida is a place where old folks go to hang out to avoid the winter chill and oppressive state taxes. It soon became obviously apparent to both my wife and me that many people have learned how to prey upon our elders in the Sunshine State. 

Trust me. It is incredible how robo-callers and telemarketershit the phones from morning to night with opportunity after opportunity.In any event, I happen to place doctors into this “take advantage of the elderly” category, so we were at a stalemate when it came to selecting a medical aficionado.

Here is where my story takes shape.

During our short time in Florida, my wife happened upon a new, untested hairdresser who she happened to take a liking to after the shears were put away for the day. I asked Barbara, “Why don’t you call your hairdresser and ask for a local eye-doctor recommendation?” And in the end, it all worked out fine!

Point made … I hope.

When you do happen to trust somebody for whatever reason, you feel you can go to him or her for additional information.Recommendations are based on trust, and a great deal on the likeability factor.Do good by your current clients and they will carry the freight.

It happened to us, and it will happen for you once you begin to becomemore likeablewith your current client list. It is so basic … and so logical.

If today’s message sounds a bit elementary, so be it.It sure made sense to me. And it worked out in the end.

Mike Marchev , MBA, CTC, is an internationally recognized motivational speaker and author of the book Become the Exception.  Contact Mike at .


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