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The Clients You Service

You know this already: Everybody is not your client. There are lots of good reasons, but the best is simply that you can’t please Everybody. You will spend a fortune trying to market to Everybody, and you won’t make a fortune in return because, well, Everybody is not your client. Be glad that Everybody is not your client. You simply cannot impress Everbody. You do, however, want Somebody, to be your client. So let’s start there.

You do some things really well, or you would not even be in business at this point. Start with the clients that are the most happy with you. I’m going to venture a guess that these are also the clients that you like the best as well. What is that mutual love fest about? Is it a coincidence that you like them and they like you? I don’t think so.

Analyze your best clients. What do they like to do? What kind of people are they? How do they feel about travel? How did they respond to your efforts on their behalf? The more that you know about your best clients, the better you will be able to begin to pin-point people just like them.

Here’s an almost absolute certainty: you have a relationship with your best clients. These were not just “customers”. They didn’t just buy a cruise or a tour from you. You sold them on you, and they were happy to buy. They appreciated your work. If only you had more clients just like them.

You can.

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Let’s strive to do it all over again, exactly the way you did with your favorite clients. In fact, ask your favorite clients for some testimonials and a couple of references. Tell them exactly how you feel: you want more clients just like them. Clients that love travel and appreciate your service. I’ll bet they know Somebody.

Take the time to sit down and profile your ideal client. That’s who you are after. Now, with that profile in hand, decide how to market to them. Is this the person who responds to an advertisement or a person who wants a personal reference? If it’s an advertisement, what do they read? Where are they most likely to encounter your ad? You cannot target Everbody. You can target Somebody.

Here’s something else you should know and take great comfort in: You don’t even want Everybody to be your client. You don’t have that many hours in the day and many Everybodies are very, very difficult. I know you think that you cannot afford to turn away clients, but the truth is that there are some clients you cannot afford to keep. Some clients cost you too much money, too much time, too much aggravation.

The 365 Guide has a number of articles on different client types, personalities and how to work with each. You will, I hope, find some good information there. But here’s what I want you to take away from today’s column: If you try to please Everybody, you might just get Nobody instead.

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