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Growing Daily

Each day, this column describes a marketing tip designed to assist travel professionals in building their practice. There are dozens of books written on marketing, sales and positive thinking. There is no shortage of consultants and advice. But much of what needs to be said about marketing boils down to a few simple truths. Marketing, to be effective has to be three things: authentic, intentional and consistent.  When put into practice, marketing must be constant, part of a mindset always looking for  opportunity. It’s easy, however, to lay marketing aside and to begin acting in a less than intentional, less than consistent mode.  Sporadic bursts of marketing effort, however, simply are not as effective as long-term, consistently applied campaigns.

One rule, if followed diligently, will grow your travel practice. No matter the amount of travel you have done, how long you have been in business or how bad the economy, the very simple steps that follow will almost certainly put you on the path to a growing business:

Each and every day:

  • Talk to someone new about travel and your travel planning practice;
  • Talk to an existing client about travel;
  • Learn something new about travel, sales, marketing and customer service.

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For one month, commit to the above. Each day, do each of the three things in the rule and keep a diary. If you do the above each and every day, you will have the consistency and persistence necessary to succeed. If every day you talk to a new person and to an existing client about travel and your travel planning practice, you will both grow and maintain your sphere of influence and, eventually, your clientele. If every day you learn something new about travel, you will be gaining the knowledge and the skill set necessary to bring value to your clients.

Give it a try. It really is that easy; and it really is that hard.

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