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5 creative results when you unplug

Wifi has now become so generic that we expect to be able to connect anywhere. But many (like me) tend to be tethered to a desk for work. I am an advocate to taking a break and getting away from it all—even for a few moments. And many times, that is just what the doctor ordered for a fresh mind.

If we want to be innovative and generate ideas that will benefit our lives we have to think. We need to brainstorm. And we need to relax, so our minds can formulate.

With the electronics available, we tend to rely on them for creativity. Need an image, search for one. Want to get some marketing ideas? Hello Google! But what about the original ideas? The ones that will propel you ahead of the competition? The problem is you can’t browse yourself to locate a breakthrough idea.

Get away. Leave your office. Leave your house. I am not talking about going out of town or on vacation. Your local library or Starbucks will do! So, what do you get unleashed from your technology? Here are 5 things and I am sure there are more—leave your suggestion in a comment at the end!

New combinations – We get most breakthrough ideas by combining two or more unrelated items. A good example is the peanut butter cup! Brilliance.   One of our TRO Diary authors a few years ago combined hunting and travel in an outdoors show with terrific success!

Fewer interruptions – One major hindrance to our ability to think are the countless interruptions we have all day. Getting away to a nice coffee shop, or sitting on a nice park bench allows us to leave distractions behind. Leave the tablets, phones, and laptops back at the office or in the car for a truly uninterrupted experience.

My boring view!
My boring view!

New events and circumstances – If you do most of your thinking at your office chair, the scenery seldom changes. Get out and the scenery will change immediately. You’ll see new people. You’ll see new “things.” You’ll hear new conversations. All of these will give you new ideas.

Solitude – Similar to the other points, but deeper. Getting away from your normal environment is spending YOU time. It’s time focused only on you. Solitude is spending time doing what makes you happy. A happy mind generates good ideas.

Ideas Come Later – After focusing solidly for a long time, your mind will want to relax. During the ride home or later in the day when you least expect it, some new ideas will arise.

Thoughts? Tips? Ideas? Leave a comment!


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