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Discover Peru with Marnella Tours

A diverse region filled with incredible remnants of a historical and ancient civilization, the Republic of Peru reflects beauty not only in landscape, but in culture, as well. Discover the many sounds, colors, and tastes that make up Peru and explore what this rich society has to offer with Marnella Tours.

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Iconic ruins at Machu Picchu
Iconic ruins at Machu Picchu
Lake Titicaca, Uros Islands
Lake Titicaca, Uros Islands

Cathedral on Plaza de Armas, Lima
Cathedral on Plaza de Armas, Lima
  • The Republic of Peru is a country in western South America with habitats ranging from the arid plains of the Pacific coastal region to the peaks of the Andes mountains.
  • The largest city in Peru, Lima, is also the capital of the country. The city pays tribute to the cultural, natural, and artistic beauty that resides here.
  • Peru’s official languages are Spanish and Amerindian languages, such as Quechua and Aymara.
  • Peru is divided into 25 different regions, categorized in North, Center, and South. The country is a representative democratic republic, with each region having its own  elected government composed of a president and council.
  • The first settlers arrived in Peru nearly 20,000 years ago, prior to the Incas, who settled in 1200 AD. The Inca civilization settled in the high and middle zones of the Vilcanota River valley and was considered to have been a state, with high levels of political organization, a monitored system for wealth distribution, and modern architectural and agricultural development. Machu Picchu is a spectacular display of the power and dominance that was the Inca Empire.
  • Between the jungles, coastline, and mountains, Peru offers many adventures for the avid traveler. Explore the old city of Cusco or discover the Fortress of Kuélap, built by the Chachapoyas, a pre-Inca culture that developed between 800 and 1470 A.D. Hike the Moche Trail on Peru’s north coast or sail on the waters of Lake Titicaca; the opportunities are endless.
  • Perhaps the most popular and one of the greatest ways to see the country of Peru is through trekking. Trek any one of these trails to fully capture the beauty that surrounds you here: Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Cordillera Blanca to Huaraz, Cola Canyon to Arequipa, and the Ausangate Trek. Other activities to participate in during your stay are  rafting, kayaking, biking, zip line, horseback riding, surfing, ATV, motocross, paragliding, canoeing, and sand-boarding.
  • Peru is also popular for its many festivals that take place throughout the year. These celebrations define Peruvian culture and allow you to experience the colors and flavors of everyday life.
  • Due to its 8 different climates that occupy the region, Peruvian cuisine is quite diverse, with a variety of fruits and vegetables available year-round. Expect many dishes to include rice and some type of meat. Potato dishes are also popular throughout the region, such as papa rellena. Peruvians are very proud of their desserts, and most can be tasted in Lima. Try picarones, a sort of doughnut made from fried yam dough and served with chancaca, or mazamorra morada, a purple custard made from purple corn.
  • Peru is thriving with history, culture, and beauty just waiting to be explored. Travel through Peru with Marnella Tours!

Experience Peru with Marnella Tours!

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