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Embark on Your Next Trip with Go Groups and GOGO Vacations

GOGO Vacations is a leading US travel wholesaler, providing the very best in products and packages to travel professionals. Their unwavering commitment to the travel agent community is one that runs strong and deep, offering support and responsiveness that is unparalleled in this space.

Group Planning with Go Groups

It’s time to experience expert Group Planning! GOGO Vacations now has 7 Group Planning teams, located across the United States, dedicated to helping travel agents grow their group business! With over 150 years of combined GOGO Leadership, GOGO Vacations’ Group Planning Teams are led by highly trained professionals ready to walk you through every step of the process. At GOGO, securing the group is just one part of the process. They work with you before, during, and after to ensure your group is always in the best of hands. By working closely with their Hotel Partners, GOGO is able to provide customized group contracts, with added concessions, designed to fit the needs of the group. Why book a generic group rate when you can offer a one-of-a-kind, customized package through a GOGO Group Consultant? Don’t just sell a Group, sell a Group Experience!

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About GOGO Vacations

For over 60 years GOGO Vacations has been a leading US travel wholesaler. With more than 40 offices in 26 states nationwide, GOGO Vacations works exclusively with travel agents. Its in-depth product knowledge, expansive product line and comprehensive marketing programs provide tremendous value to the 8,000-plus travel professionals who they serve. Complimentary VIP vacation perks passed along to clients, a result of being in business for more than six decades, and competitive commissions are additional benefits of doing business with this travel industry giant.

Co-op advertising programs and annual GOGO Learning Conferences and Worldwide Showcases ensure that agents stay in front of clients with the most relevant and up-to-date products and information. Adapting to a variety of preferences, GOGO offers e-documents, printed itineraries, or both, as part of its 360-degree, full-service approach. After being acquired by Australian-based Flight Centre Limited in 2008, GOGO Vacation undeniably offers the world’s most extensive product distribution network.

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