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Follow Up: The Missing Ingredient

Question: Mike, are you implying that the simple practice of “follow up” is a skill?

Answer: Yes I am.
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Question: Are you also implying that professionals in the travel industry do not know the importance of, nor practice on a regular basis, the simple task of follow up?

Answer: Yes I am.

Question: Are you questioning the professionalism of many travel agents?

Answer: Kind of. Maybe.  Not really. Well, yes. I suppose that I am.

I recently spoke to a room full of “professional” mortgage salespeople whose take home commissions is what I consider to be “significant.” They all worked on commission and their excuses for failure were as predictable as any other sales professional.

When doing my due diligence when preparing for this program, I learned that selling mortgage insurance is not harder or easier than selling anything else.

You first have to find a prospect who has an interest in your product or service. Then, you have to initiate a relationship. Next, you have to create the appropriate value which will clearly justify your price. And finally, you have to follow up until the deal goes down.

I have not shared with you anything new here. I don’t care who you are or what you’re selling. The sequence remains the same, and the person who effectively exhibits the skill of follow-up will win more than they lose when the sun goes down.

You can take this to the bank. Follow-Up will largely be responsible for your success in sales.

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