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Lessons From A Blind Man

Here are a number of lessons from a blind man. Not a “blind” man,” but a “blind man” … a guy who sells blinds.

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When I spotted his truck out in front of my condo (and since my wife had already been thinking about new kitchen window treatments), I called to him and asked the gentleman to stop by for a measurement before he left town.

He was well spoken … cleanly attired in jeans and a short sleeve button-down shirt. He extended his hand promptly along with his name, which together resulted in a favorable first impression.

He measured. He took notes. He was gone within 5-minutes, but not before promising to get us a quote early the following morning.

A few minutes after nine the following day, my phone rang. True to his word, it was Dave The Blind Man with a quote and an invitation to call back with any questions. He simply did as he said he would. I liked that. If I were a betting man, I would bet along the lines of new blinds for the Marchev household before too many more full moons, thanks to a blind man called Dave.

The lessons here are numerous.

  1. I was clearly a “shopper.” Shoppers are good things. I invited the guy into my home, and he did not shoot himself in the foot. I was already thinking of blinds. He did not have to sell me anything. He had every opportunity to screw things up, and he did not.
  2. First impressions are important. Clean, polite, thorough and knowledgeable. He was “Bright, Brief & Gone.” Don’t wear out your welcome. People are busy.
  3. You never know when you might be called upon for a measurement. Dress and act accordingly. He had no idea I was watching. A poor initial visual, and he would not have had a chance. People are always watching. Consider yourself warned.
  4. Call people back if you say you will. Strike while the iron is hot. If you can’t do it … don’t say it. If you say it … do it. I would hope he has me on his follow-up list.

There are probably more lessons to be learned from the Blind Man, but let it suffice to say that if you keep your eyes open and you are ready to pursue opportunities when they present themselves, (on their terms) you too just might become a success worth writing about.

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