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It is important that we try to “CONCENTRATE” today. It is more important than ever.

Not only should we be concentrating on our families, friends, relatives and loved ones, but also on ourselves, our future, and specific goals. We should also be CONCENTRATING on our businesses.

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Define a goal you want to reach by this coming Friday. Make it believable and meaningful.

Then, with razor like precision, CONCENTRATE on achieving this single goal … as it relates to your customers or prospects. On Friday, you can identify your next goal for the following week


  1. Call ten current clients and thank them for “hanging tough” with you.
  2. Polish your database by weeding out 50 old or inactive clients/prospects. Add a few “inactive leads.”
  3. Draft an introductory letter that will be sent to 20 new prospects over the next two weeks.
  4. Send a Press Release to your local papers announcing your NEW customer-friendly policy on airline ticketing, refunds, etc.
  5. Answer the phone with the specific goal of making those who called glad they decided to call you.
  6. Call back everyone within five minutes with a pleasant sounding, concerned, SORRY-I-MISSED-YOUR-CALL voice.
  7. Have each employee send five postcards to “somebody.” (Anybody)

There are hundreds of ideas. Your goal is to tell those in your “business universe” that you are “in business and ready to help.”

I don’t care what it is you concentrate on. I just want you to remember the important role you are playing in your community and the absolute importance of leaders continuing to lead.

People are watching you. People need you. And people are counting on you.


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