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Elephants Don’t Bite

Little things make or break deals.

In a “me-too” world, it is the fundamentals and strict adherence to details that will position you faster and more accurately than just about anything else.

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Today’s clients are in the driver’s seat. They know it and have numerous options when buying goods or services. Your success will have everything to do with how you manage the relationship, and this involves “the details.”

It literally takes months to find a new account, but only seconds to lose one. If this is true, doesn’t it makes sense to direct a focused effort toward your valued prospects and customers?

Solidify your current accounts by making them glad they have chosen you as a supplier of goods and services. Since the smallest error, mistake, miscue, misinterpretation or oversight could sabotage all previous accomplishments – and destroy much of what you have worked for – focus on the individual task at hand. Dot every “i” … cross every “t” … and think “details” until your head aches.

Avoid taking short-cuts. THINK DETAILS.

Now is the time to prove your value to your clients. You do this by simply doing what you say you will do…. the right way … each and every time. The little things will kill you if you let them.

Remember, elephants don’t bite. Mosquitoes do.

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