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Enthusiasm Sells

I once was given an opportunity to address an audience for 10-minutes at an annual convention. This isn’t much time to “connect” with an audience or leave them with anything worth thinking about.
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I gave it my best shot, and was pleasantly surprised at the warm ovation I received at the conclusion of my message. According to me, I hadn’t said much. I didn’t have enough time to set the hook, and then hit them with some brilliance. I soon realized that they were not applauding my words.

They were recognizing a guy who was happy at his work… a person who didn’t take himself or life too seriously …and someone who didn’t appear to have an axe to grind.

I talk for a living, and time and again, I notice that my success has less to do with what I say and more to do with how I say it.

When people witness an example of genuine, from-the-heart, sincere excitement…. joy…. and happiness, it is only natural for them to try to join in the celebration.

Today’s message is a simple reminder to those who have a keen desire to make their lives work better.

Get enthused about yourself … and what you do for a living.

  • Your prospects will notice and appreciate you for it.
  • Your management will notice and appreciate you for it.
  • Your employees will notice and appreciate you for it.
  • Your family will notice and appreciate you for it.
  • You will feel better and enjoy being you better.

Your enthusiasm is both welcome and appreciated. Give me some.


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