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Fill A Need

The concept of “supply and demand” infers that if there is no need for your particular skill, product or service, there is little justification for your employment. If people (owners, managers, clients or prospects) don’t feel you provide value, then you are in for some bad news….. similar to the same bad news you read about everyday in your morning paper when it announces another 5000 jobs have been eliminated in an attempt to save the company.
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  • If somebody, somewhere, somehow indicates a need for what you do, and they are willing to compensate you for your contribution, you had better be pretty good at satisfying that need.
  • If you can perform a task better than anybody else, and there is a need for what you offer, you are sitting pretty … for the time being.
  • If your product or service is mediocre, and people begin to question your contribution, value or worth, then you better start rethinking your career path.

Most people think they are very good at what they do. Most people are wrong. Everybody can, and must get better at what they do for a living.

Make a concentrated effort today to improve your value…..and then make it your objective to get better at what you do. Bring measurable value to the people you touch for the rest of the year. Once you make this a habit, you will never have to worry about clearing off the dinning room table or spare bedroom to launch your next new business. Get better at what you do, starting today.

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