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Make It Happen

Do you feel comfortable when asking your customers, “How was your experience with us?” You should be. But, I am betting that you aren’t. The reason for that is you are afraid you might hear something you don’t want to hear.Yet, the truth of the matter is that you are in total control of this scenario. It is entirely up to you to make your clients, customers and guests feel very special.
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Here is how you do it.

First, decide what response you want to hear.

Possibilities include:

  1. Fine.
  2. Good.
  3. Okay.
  4. Not bad.
  5. I enjoyed it.
  6. Fair.
  7. Disappointed.
  8. Could have been better.
  9. Could have been worse.
  10. Exactly what I had in mind.
  11. Nothing like I had in mind.

None of the answers above are satisfactory. These responses are exactly what you don’t want to hear.

You want to hear GREAT! … INCREDIBLE! … FANTASTIC!

Question: “How was your experience with us?”

Answer: GREAT!

Question: “How was your experience with us?”


Question: “How was your experience with us?”


If these three responses are the only ones that will satisfy your customer service benchmark, then all you have to do is deliver the service that evokes this type of response. It is as simple as that. Here is how you do it.

First: Know the intended result that will bring the response you are seeking.

Second: Do what needs to be done to make it happen.

No wishing. No hoping. No flying by the seat of your pants. You want to hear ‘great,” give them “great.” You want to hear “incredible,” give them “incredible”. You want to hear “fantastic,” give them “fantastic.”

People expect “poor.” They appreciate “good.” But it is only with GREAT, INCREDIBLE and FANTASTIC that loyalty, trust and relationships are built.

Now that you know the answer, MAKE IT YOUR BUSINESS TO MAKE GREAT HAPPEN. 


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