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No Regrets

Here is my advice for you today: If you don’t want to regret your past, don’t screw up your future. And the future is now.

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Woody Allen said it best when he said:

” I had great plans for myself when I started. I have not lived up to them. I’ve done some nice things. But I had bigger plans. What has made it double poignant is that I never was denied the opportunity. The only thing standing between me and greatness is me.”

And the only thing standing between you and greatness is you.

Are you living up to your plans for yourself? Whatever your definition is for success, have you achieved it yet? Or are you getting closer? If not, why not? The only thing standing between you and your goals may be you.

Think about whether you are helping your cause or standing in your own way.Maybe it is not the economy. Maybe it is not the industry. Maybe it is not your employees. Maybe the problem is … you. And if it is you, then get out of your way. You have all the opportunities necessary to make your life one big success story.

This week (today), start making your life work for you. Get out of your way and don’t waste time on regrets. They are yesterday’s news, and the future is yours for the taking.

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