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Plan Your Dream Trip to Italy with Perillo Tours

Since 1945, for three generations, the Perillo family has perfected the art of traveling to Italy, making Perillo Tours America’s leading operator to the region. With group and individual tours, Perillo provides the best way to see Italy. Through, independent travelers can design and book a customized vacation to meet the needs, wants and desires of each traveler.
As a growing company, Perillo has expanded to new destinations offering fully escorted tours to Hawaii, Costa Rica and Greece. Crafting itineraries that are the ideal balance of sightseeing, free time and activities, Perillo offers a glimpse into each destination’s rich traditions. Perillo Groups facilitates global custom
ad –hoc groups for weddings, families, faith based travelers, incentive and affinity organizations. With the addition of Learning Journeys, Perillo has expanded to provide travelers with hands-on interactive learning opportunities as part of travel experience.

Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, Perillo Tours continues to provide the highest standards in quality, value and integrity to the travel community. To learn more about Perillo’s history, check out


Perillo has a long history of escorting travelers to Italy, so with, you can be sure that this is not just another assortment of travel booking links. With 70 years of experience creating exciting itineraries, filling Italian hotels, hiring services and accommodating the most “interesting” customer requests – is the ultimate one-stop-shop for creating your custom itinerary to Italy. is designed to be easy to use and is backed by our vast experience in creating quality packages that are exciting, well-paced and fun.

Custom Groups

PT Groups can customize any tour to specifically suit your group needs…Your group, your way. One of a kind journeys, exclusive and unique.

The customized group experience is perfect for:

Family Groups
Faith-Based Travelers
Educational and Academic Groups
Affinity Groups and Clubs
Non-Profit Organizations

Perillo Tours is proud to offer a new era in customized groups , including our exciting Learning Journeys! PT Learning Journeys was created so that students of all ages can experience the richness and diversity of the world, while applying learning through hands-on experience such as performances, cooking classes, language immersions and art studies.

Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys is a unique collection of travel experiences designed to combine cultural immersions with hands on education to ignite learners’ passions in a certain area of discipline. Choices range from health/wellness to art and music, business and language, to gardening and dance, cooking and photography.
Each Learning Journey is designed by educators in that specific field of study based on the needs of the particular group. Work with Learning Journeys staff, all of whom are veteran educators trained at targeting specific markets. Experienced Learning Journeys managers/teacher guides will be on-site to deliver these life changing encounters for students of all ages: schools and colleges, special interest groups, families, multigenerational, and other small group experiences.

Choose a sample tour from this brochure or our website. You can also customize a program specifically for your target group. Learning experiences are indicated in bold throughout the program, and can be modified to suit any area of interest. Learning Journeys Freedom of Choice days allows the group of learners to choose a class based upon their specific area of interest.

Courses range from 2-4 hours and will be selected from a list of learning options available at the time of booking. Limited to one selection per group. Learning Journeys allows people to learn something new together, which lasts far beyond the travel experience.

Perillo joined USTOA and Tourism Cares in 2014 and the Learning Journeys brand is preferred with Ensemble and are Yoga Alliance members.
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