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Selling Myth: You Must Be A People Person

It is true that it helps if you are not an arrogant, mindless, non-caring salesperson. But it is also true that you don’t have to like people “carte blanche.”

Marchev’s Rule: You must like the people you like. It is then in your best interest to consistently show them that you like them.

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Don’t get me wrong. I am simply highlighting the fact that you can’t like everybody equally and still plan to be effective. I would like to offer a key caveat to this “like people” thing. I want you to like the people worth liking.

There is a subtle difference. If you adopt the blanket statement, “I like people”, you set yourself up for disappointment coupled to a whole bunch of wasted time.

People are not all built the same. Some are honest … some are not. Some are fun to be around … some are not. Some people have emotional intelligence, while others do not. Some people appreciate what you do for them while others find accomplishment in taking advantage of you. There are people who you would do anything for. There are others who you wouldn’t cross the street for. I think you are getting my point.

If you want to be successful in business today, you have to do some pretty super-human things for your prospects and customers. For this to happen, it will help enormously if you like them. It is easy to work with people we like. It is a chore to be around the folks that we find fault in.

Therefore, I want you to like the people you like, and always be prepared to go to bat for them at a moment’s notice. I want you to let the “others” (also people) find their way to your competitor’s place of business. Yes, I am suggesting that you become more selective with whom you decide to work with.

Does this make you an elitist? No, it does not. It makes you a smart business person who spends the majority of their day seeking win-win relationships.

In the truest sense, this is a great example of target marketing. Target good people, and then make it your business to service the “bajeebers” out of them. Allow the “others” to figure it out for themselves.

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