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Stick to the Done-Dids

What you don’t want is to look back one day while uttering the useless phrase, “If only I….”

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What you “should have done”, “could have done”, or “might have done” to arrive at today’s calendar page is a waste of time. Opportunities seen in the rear view mirror are nothing more than “yesterday’s news.”

Yesterday is a memory, while tomorrow is a dream. Today is your only reality. What are you going to do today to make a difference? What can you do right now to make a difference?

Make every action you take today count.

Here is a graphic reminder for you. It is embedded in my mind and serves as a constant reminder of just how fleeting time is. I found myself watching a TV commercial depicting a grandfather surrounded by three of his grandchildren. With a toy Harley Davidson motorcycle in hand, he was telling the kids about the days he was thinking about riding into the sunset on two wheels. One of his grandchildren asked him if he indeed saddled up and pointed his “hog” toward the west.

He sheepishly informed them, in what appeared as slight embarrassment, that he had invested in aluminum-siding, instead.

The kids instantly lost interest and retreated inside to seek more memorable experiences from their grandma. A close up on the old guy showed a man looking disheartened. Fade to black.

The lesson was clear. Eliminate the “should haves” and the “could haves” and focus on the “done-dids”.

Today, and for the rest of the year, make it your business to notch your belt with a few “cool” attempts at landing some new business. Make some decisions that will add spice to your resume while putting a little bounce back in your step. Go ahead. Stick your neck out a bit, and live life on the edge this week. You will find that it won’t hurt and that it will make better stories for your grandkids.

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