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Stop Trying to Sell

“No Worries,” is an Australian phrase that defines a philosophy worth investigating.

Unlike Americans, Aussies don’t appear to be “selling” all the time. They are more laid back. They seem to allow relationships to develop based on simple communication. They appear to be comfortable in their own skin. I find them to be refreshing and fun to be around.

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Think about this: Few people enjoy the idea of “being sold.” A key step toward becoming more successful in sales is to adopt a contrarian approach to this “selling” thing. Once you manage to pull this off, you will find yourself in a more natural and comfortable position …. and you will become more pleasant to be around. Your words will not only be heard, but your recommendations will be considered more often. Once you approach sales from this non-threatening angle, your success will have a better chance.

What is this contrarian approach I speak of?

Four words sum it up nicely. Stop trying to sell!

Notice I didn’t say stop calling people … meeting people … questioning people or listening to what other people have to say. I didn’t say stop seeking opportunities to be of service, or to stop fine-tuning your presentation. I didn’t say stop writing to prospects or sending newsletters, postcards or press releases. I didn’t say stop attending trade shows, seminars, workshops or conferences. I didn’t say stop subscribing to trade papers, magazines or bulletins. I didn’t suggest that you sleep late or watch TV until four in the morning.

I simply recommended that you STOP TRYING TO SELL.

Try it. Stop trying to sell today … this week … this month. You will soon experience a wonderful thing. More people will begin buying what you “were” trying to sell.

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